“Code is my Spirit Animal” Event Campaign

The Red Hat Developer Program sponsors and supports many high level developer facing events throughout the year. One of the challenges is to create desirable giveaways that go beyond the traditional “logo shirt” to create something more akin to a rock concert shirt. The desire is for the developer to wear the shirt to future events to show their long standing commitment to open source and Red Hat. It would be simple to design a single shirt for all of the events but I wanted to go further and make unique shirts for the major events. I came up with the “Code is my Spirit Animal” campaign. I paired a nerdy developer tagline and paired it with an illustration of an animal that is associated with the event host city/region. The offering combined the shirts with Github sized hexagon stickers (another big hit with develpers) to create a big splash at the events. This campaign was extremely well received and caused large crowds at our event booths.

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